Updated Travel Post

Ola everyone! Once again, I have been neglecting this site as I have been busy updating my travel blog to ensure that I’ll keep you guys updated with my upcoming trip. So therefore… Continue reading

DIY Farewell Accordion Photo Album

People come and go in our lives, especially when it comes to the working world. Yesterday was the last day for our colleague who had been with the company for 3 years. It… Continue reading


Words. I’m fond of it. Eversince young, I love the idea of being able to express 1 word in many different styles or ways. Few weeks ago, I came across a small anagram… Continue reading

Intro to Poetry: Acrostic ~ Friend

“S ome days, we need someone to I gnite our souls, S hare moments, the good & bad, T rust with our little secrets, E ncompass us back to the right path, R… Continue reading

Intro to Poetry: Alliteration ~ Face

“Cute charming cuddly cat, lovely looking lost & lonely, brought back blacky black, died due deadly disease, memories made missing much, fly free from fear, rest in peace my dear… -lia schmolphin” “Bob… Continue reading

Intro to Poetry: Haiku ~ Water

In the end, she blinked, Shutting it close for longer, The last set of tears fall… ~Lia schmolphin Life is like a river… Flowing through every rocks & turns, It will never stop… Continue reading

Explore Borneo, Mantabuan Island, Semporna

Looking for where to go or what to do in Sabah? Explore the Islands! Snorkel, hike for great views! Here’s one of the Island in Semporna, Sabah for you! Click on the link below for more photos and pics!

All smiles

“All smiles on the outside, Showing how perfect it looks, With no scratches in sight, No one ever knew what’s going on inside. All smiles on the outside, But struggling hard inside, Fighting… Continue reading

Travelogue Updates

Hey ya all! Hope all of you are doing great each day! Just pop by to share that recently I have just updated a few travel post over at my travel website. So… Continue reading

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