August 2011???

The last time I was here, in wordpress, was 5 months ago and I seriously thought it was only last week! Gosh, how fast time zoomed! And last night, I found myself thinking & wondering, “Why the hell I’m here when I don’t know what to write???” But deep down, I do know that I wanna get something out soo much!! @_@

But what??? So here I am. Just writing to get it started. I’m not sure how this web will be but I do have a big picture in mind. Except that I really hope it can be done by me. ^_^

Life’s going pretty much calmed right now, I suppose. But for people who may not be as strong as me, I mean if they were to be in my shoes, I dont think they might be able to cope though. With freelance jobs at irregular hours, non-stop hits family matters where you always happens to be the middle person even when you just don’t wanna get involve in, the brother who is living so called illegally in his own country! N just so much more – bills that keeps piling! Fuuuhhh…. Need to sort that out! Hah! The loss of my beloved Grandpa, uncle Mamat & Uncle Uteh… The family who I wanna get closer with but is constantly growing farther…

It’s not easy. Really. My mentality has been challenged hard over the years and I’m glad I pass through every obstacles without giving up. I may have fallen & tripped, but never once I left it hanging. That’s what I’m proud of.

I guess that’s all for now.

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