I miss home

It’s been almost 2 months since i left home. Though I felt better without them, there’s only 1 person that left me feeling so depressed and emotionally saddened having not seeing her for almost 2 months – my step sister.

She was the light to my darkness, the missing piece in the hole and the warm touch to my burning soul.

She was the reason why I tried to amend my relationship with our mom and she’s the reason why I wanna give the best as a sister.

I loved her since the day she was born, since the day i touched her small cute little adorable fingers, the day she blinks her eyes at me and smile. Ouch, the more I’m describing it here, the more I’m missing her.

She was the closest thing I ever had when it seems like I’ve lost everything else. I could never do the same to him coz both of us repels in thoughts and feelings and especially in the way we do things. I can never be close to him coz he we can never compromise. Each time I tried, I still fail and so I let him be.

My sis on the other hand, is different too. But we can always find ways to compromise things and are able to interact in many ways.

Well, maybe I’ll find her soon just to spend our time together. Till then, I just want her to know that I love her no matter where we are even if we are separated by distance.

I’m sorry dearest sis if I’ve never been a good sister. But as you grow older and wiser, you’ll learn that whatever I did is always with a reason.

Miss you, sis!