DIY Vest / Refashion Top to Vest

DIY Vest

DIY Vest

** Pictures are mine, original & uneditted. Except to crop, add margins & combine. **

That olive green used to be a top with some sort of ribbons at the back. But ever since it was passed down to me by I’m not sure who, I’ve never worn it cause I didn’t really like it. ^_^

So, on a sleepless night, while trying to make myself tired, I search my drawers & found this!

Olive Green Sleeveless Top

Olive Green Sleeveless Top

Ok, sorry about the ribbon. Totally forgot to take pictures before hand! Since the main reason for me not wearing it is the ribbon, I had to remove it. So here’s 2 simple step!

Step 1) Remove the ribbon as above

Step 2) Unseam the 2 sides where it holds the rings for the ribbon and it should look clean like this. Remember to keep those rings or ribbons to be used on other projects!

Olive Green Sleeveless Top

Olive Green Sleeveless Top

Taadaaa! U’ve got a great simple vest you can layer onto your favourite shirt / dress / tops or anything you like!

I wanted to add a vintage button but I do not have any! So, if you’d like, put 1 button in the middle, or just 3 buttons will do. Follow to your liking!

If you’re feeling creative, do up some ruffles on the side to make it look classy or perhaps add a different colour lining to make an outstanding piece!