Lost in ‘Spotlight’


Finally! I have been sooo busy that I kept holding back the thought of going to spotlight. Well, I’m thankful enough for having a course on a Sunday morning, while bf working and the urge to stay out of home Sunday mind!

Off i went to spotlight at Plaza Singapura alone once course was over..

The feet co-ordinates very well with the mind plus the body gets so excited and the eyes just woken up at the point while about to enter Spotlight. I love the place! It might not be purrfect where you can’t find all the things you want but still they provide all of the basic necessities for diy or handmade projects!

I love going to craft store but because most of my stuff is still at mum’s place, I decide to stay put around sewing area…. And that brings me to fabrics after fabrics from felt to cotton to silk to wool to just anything! And the thought of making my own wedding dress is sooo on my mind the moment I saw beautiful fabrics! But then gotta learn sewing using the machine first… So.. We’ll see.

Tempted to purchase a few fabrics but then I stopped to think if I’m gonna do much project this week. Knowing I’m not gonna to, I decide to continue my search for oilcloth.

Hahaa wondering why oilcloth? Stay tune for my next coming diy… Got it at 1/2m, bought 3 additional cotton fabrics from prima and flat fats and sew in interfacing. Left with 1 more item which can’t seem to find it here.. Will try ikea…

Do you know where to get fusible fleece here in Singapore? Or is there any other names for it?… Hmmm….

Pheww! Excited!!