Motto’s new bed


I have always wanted to buy my dearest kitty, Motto a bed or resting place like that but I couldn’t find it anywhere until last Saturday, 4/8/12, when I went to Great World City!

I was sooo happy & without thinking twice, I grab this colour which was sold at $35, which I personally find it a little pricey but then again, you buy once & that’s it right? So I guess it’s worth the value as long as Motto’s happy and comfortable. Now that’s a priceless value.

Bought Hills science diet Indoor $28 for her daily meals and seriously, I should learn to read the ingredients before buying. Coz I learnt from my friend that it may have pork. Hmm, will check it out soon. Anyway, that blanket by Hill’s was free with any purchase of adult’s package.

Oh well, but most importantly is, I can say that she truly loves it! She smelled, went in, sat down, lick herself clean, lie down and came out. Then in and out and in and out she went!

Atleast she doesn’t have to lie down on the cold flooring anymore when she refused to sleep with me on the bed or blanket provided sometimes.

Hmmm…. I’m thinking of buying another open bed to place one at the living room.

Maybe next month.

So where does your kitty sleep?

Schmolphin lia