Favourite Hobby


What do you do during your free time? What’s your favourite hobby? Do you have any?

I have loads. Yep, I don’t stick to 1 thing as I love to do things based on weather. If it’s cool and raining, I’d rather stay indoors.

And if it’s dry and sunny, I’d pick the beach and any outdoor activities for sure!

So today, let me introduce bowling as my most favourite hobby. The best thing about bowling, it can be played at any time of the year. Be it wet or dry or even windy. Since you’re based indoor, you are sheltered from any kind of weather.

Bowling is very interesting. To some, it’s a boring activity coz all you do is just throw the ball and try to hit the pins. But a true bowler or one who loves bowl knows more than that.

It’s not just about hitting and throwing. It’s more to that. The skills. You can be playing straight or using curl ball. A straight ball is simply when the ball rolls all the way in 1 spot whereas a curl ball, do not stay to 1 spot. It usually curve out halfway n then back in. That’s why we call it a curl ball.

Curl balls are pretty challenging. It’s harder to strike and you’ll have to learn how to hit 1 pin. Not everyone can do it! I really love the fact that I’m learning pretty well! But I’m not that fantastic though. Still, I got the idea and that’s good enough, I guess! =) Atleast I don’t feel awkward anymore. Cause’ previously, I would strike with straight ball while the boys would strike with curl balls. So according to them, it’s not counted. (They are being mean of ourse! =) ) So right after I’ve picked up this curl ball skill, they’ve shut their mouth and would often celebrate my success more than ever! And what’s more, they are intrigue by the fact that my skills are just so unique. They just can’t seem to understand why the ball can go slow & steady then curl and strike. Haha. Love it when I gave them the heart attack when the ball almost seem to roll into the gutter but when actually, I’ve purposely thrown in to that extent to make it curl before it went into the gutter. Lovely. If I can get a video, I’ll show you. Hey, no, I’m not showing off ok? Just sharing. Would you like that? So, what do you think of bowling? Feel free to share your thoughts in your blog and leave a link here for everyone else to read!

Oh, if you are pretty new to bowling and would like to learn more, you can refer to this great web that I’ve found! No, no, I’m in no way connected to them. Just sharing alright! http://www.pba.com/Resources/Bowling101/