“The Druggie”


Had this for supper on the last week of April at Strictly Pancake outlet at Upper Changi Rd. It was super delicious! We had “The Druggie” which includes pancakes n ice cream! N well, if you guess it right, “The Druggie” is full of chocolate! Very well suited for chocolate lovers! And I’m one for sure!

The menu includes 3 chocolate pancakes, chocolate ice cream and chocolate toppings with some strawberries decorated on the side. It cost $11 and we bought vanilla milkshake that cost about $5.50? Sorry can’t remember the price. And because both me & boyfriend had a late dinner, we’ve decided to share. Boy, glad we did cause it was super fulfilling! We gobbled it all up within minutes it arrived on our table.

I’m so glad we tried. You should too! Have you tried? Or bake this yourself? Feel free to place your link in the comment!