I’m sure the above title sounds familiar to each and everyone of you. If you are thinking about engineering mathematics, no it’s not. It’s about the basic skills, the second thing you learn after learning 1,2,3 or 1+1 or 1×1 or 1/1.

It’s the kind of mathematics that you learn in primary school. Where there’s whole no., fraction, decimal, numbers, angles, triangle, volume, etc.

It’s the most simplest thing that we learn in school before going to secondary. But what I’m touching here is, no matter what maths you are learning, you have to know the formulae by heart. That’s the most basic thing to do to score a mark or 1/2. And the next thing to do is practice. Yes, practice in many different type of question to try to get use to it and grasp the idea. Just try many different papers or assessment and even textbook question.

With formulae checked and loads of practice done, you can score.

So practice, practice, practice & PRACTICE.