Jaded January 2013

2012 left me with so much unfinished business and I had hoped that 2013 will be a year where I can start to pick up the pieces again.

But right in January alone, I had a bad start. My previous company had not paid my last salary as promised. And I was stuck with bills to pay, monthly allowance for grandma and cousin, buying food for my cat, etc. I was desperate and financially tight that month.

Nevertheless, my family and I had a great 85th birthday celebration for Granny dearest
at Fish & Co. Vivo City. Her smiles turns Jaded January to Blessing January for having her with us all these years. She’s the best Granny I ever had and I’m glad I still have the chance to care, eat and love her till now.

Jaded January Post: schmolphin's granny's 85th Birthday celebration 2013

Jaded January Post: schmolphin’s granny’s 85th Birthday celebration 2013 turns to blessing january