Dazzling Rainbow on 27 May 2013


It was a great Monday and my bf’s cousin had invited us to come along to Johor to shop for their normal household items. Since I’m on off and I needed mine too, I happily agreed though I just came back yesterday from my cousins place in Pontian.

After my return from a 3 day stay with my cousins in Malaysia, I feel light. Like as if something heavy has been lifted off my shoulder. It’s the kind of composure I needed after missing them for sooo long!

*Anyway, I’ll post more on that in a different post ya? πŸ™‚ *

While on our way to Pandan City, we got stuck in a moving jam. But thank goodness it was moving. And at one point, Kak Nor who was sitting by the window, shriek out, “Yana! Rainbow!”
I quickly look out and there it is, a beautiful dazzling and glowing rainbow with all the different shades clearly seen right infront of my eyes, our eyes! INFRONT of us!

Oh gosh, I wanted to get out of the car, run and hug the rainbow but thank goodness I didn’t. I wouldn’t know from where it starts. The shades are soo clear! I can see red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and indigo and some other shades near its tone of colours. There was a double rainbow but the second rainbow was more of a faded colours and is in it’s reversed colour of the main rainbow! It was truly truly awesome! Hope you’re feeling it too!
*sorry it might not reflect much in my photos since I’m only using a 3gs iphone*

We were strucked with awe for a moment and almost forgot taking pictures of it! And when we did, we couldn’t stop! And after much frustration for not being able to take a really beautiful beautiful pics, we finally had a few satisfied ones and stop and just look at it. I nearly cried but I was smiling with joy. You don’t always get to see a rainbow you know. And a double one!

There was a moment of silence in the car while Kak Nor and I gaze at the rainbow. Yeah, it stayed longer than I expected. Once when I saw a rainbow at Sunway Lagoon last year, it was almost gone by the time I turned back after talking to bf. But this, it was there, glowing and fading, glowing and fading like there’s a message sent for all who are watching it. We quickly make a wish though we aren’t sure if we can make a wish on a rainbow. πŸ˜‰ I just go ahead and make 3 in case 1 doesn’t get through. πŸ™‚

Finally when the jam starts to ease and the car was back at its normal speed, the rainbow disappears. Just like that. Good things never last isn’t it? We wanted to get a good full view of the rainbow but never did. It was huge and you can’t capture the complete arc of rainbow from a spot where you are being so close to it. So the top picture is the ones we manged to capture.

As we alighted at Pandan City, Johor, we searched for the coffeeshop to have our dinner. While walking, suddenly Abang Azly, Kak Nor’s husband point out something to me. I turned around and planted a huge smile and call out to Kak Nor. Who then quickly turn around and say, “Yana! So beautiful!” Yes, indeed it was and the sun was almost settling down, turning the sky to a velvety colours with the rainbow! Now then we get a chance to see the arc of the rainbow! But though the colours aren’t as glowing as the earlier ones, we were grateful just to have seen this. I feel lucky. Not sure about the rest. But I’m sure me and Kak nor felt the same way.

I hope that this is a beginning of something good. I hope. I do. Enjoy the pictures and imagine you’re there!

Lia schmolphin