Introduction Progress of Angel to Motto

Day 3: Little Angel slept with me!! Yay!! As I woke up at about 9:00 a.m., I found him still sleeping soundly beside me to my right. And as I turn to look up, I saw a pair of eyes infront of me and saw Motto! She was sniffing and looking at little Angel sleeping next to me. He was super tired that he slept like as if he’s got robbed! With hands and legs wide open as if the robber had asked him to put his hands up! No pics taken! =( *sobx* truly forgot about it as I keep smiling looking at him!

We slept pretty late last night as we’re out with friends earlier for supper. Reached home to find Angel lying under the furniture. I hate it when he did that since it can get pretty dusty after sweeping and moping underneath the furniture atleast once a week. So I slowly played with him till he get out. He’s on the playful mode in the middle of the night! Well, since I wanted to drain his energy, I played along. We played ball, catching, tickles and just chasing each other around the house.

Finally he started to yawn and so did I. He looks for a spot. But wasn’t comfortable. I picked him up, lay him on my hands and slowly put him down on my thigh and he fell asleep right away. I couldn’t move much cause when I did, he opened his sleepy eyes. OMG! Soooo adorable! I waited a few minutes before slowly putting him down near my pillow, next to me and then I went to look for Motto, a usual routine I did before sleeping to ensure that she’s ok and comfortable. Kissed her and she seems pretty happy cause she gave me her lips for me to kiss. So I think she’s pretty aware that I still love her the same.

Angel sleeping on my thigh 22.7.13

Angel sleeping on my thigh 22.7.13

Anyway, seeing that Motto has finally get back to her favourite place that morning, shows that she’s much sober now. Besides, there isn’t any sign of aggression. Just signs that she do not wished to be disturbed for now. Her eyes are pretty soft and curious, not the kind which shows that she might attack like when she saw Opeq (another cat belongs to bf mum).

So far, Motto slept with me only twice last year while we’re back at my mum’s place. But ever since we get back to my bf home, she only slept somewhere near my toes, hands or just at her normal place where she could see me. Maybe because of the small single bed, compared to the queen size back at home, is the reason why she rather sleep somewhere else nearby.

Since I was still sleepy, I went back to sleep knowing that Angel and Motto are in the house, my worries are kept at bay. Had a good 3 hours of sleep and when I woke up, Angel wasn’t there beside me anymore! But…. he was at bf’s back, sleeping at the edge. Didn’t wanna wake both up so I just leave it and went to toilet. After I came back, they’ve switched positions! Seems like little Angel managed to climb up bf body, to get to the inside of the sofa while bf ended up lying at the edge! So cute! He wants my bf too! Awwww.

After breakfast,  I carry Angel while stroking Motto and she seems ok. Just a little grumbling noise from Motto after smelling the scent of Angel. Even when I try to put Angel down somewhere close to her, she didn’t seem to want to attack. Just another grumbling noise that seems to say, “Do Not Disturb”, then turned around and just couldn’t bother with Angel. So far so good. Atleast Motto no longer climb up and hide at the window. Good progress.

Motto looking at Angel

Motto looking at Angel

I left them alone for a good 15 minutes and came back to take Angel away. They are doing pretty well. No noisy arguments so far. Angel had a whole good day playing and running around, leaving me breathless and tired but happy enough. Managed to do the laundry as well. Here’s a few pics of him playing while Motto’s sleeping. Enjoy!

Motto busy sleeping while Angel's busy playing

Motto busy sleeping while Angel’s busy playing

Here’s little Angel taking his nap after a day of playing! Sleeping like superman!

Angel short nap after a long day playing

Angel short nap after a long day playing

That’s it! Thank you!


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