Don’t make me wait…

“If ever you came by and I’m not there,
Know that I’ve left you behind for good.
Not for someone nor for something.
It’s for me and my dreams.

Yeah, my dream was to be with you,
To be called a wife, a mum to your kids, a granny to your grandchildrens.
But this was the dream when we’re together, before we’ve decided to move on to another step.

But I’m not sure what’s taking you so long. So long that my heart’s begin to close. Close with deep regret for giving in too much and too long.

If I’m not the one, don’t waste my time, be a man and say it all. I’m a woman who can take the truth with pride.

I’d rather leave than stay. Rather wait for another man who seriously wants to spend his lifetime with me.

You’ve make me wait when I’ve keep telling you don’t. You take things for granted. You procrastinate all the time. I’m not sure what you want anymore.

If you’ve needed time, I’ve given you 6 years. Ain’t that enough?

Anyway, my dreams even when I’m with you is to travel. Travel just us 2, with our families to anywhere in the world. Near or closeby, it ain’t matter. As long as we explore together.

But it didn’t happen till that day when I’ve decided to use up my salary to just buy us a ticket to Genting Highland, Malaysia. If it wasn’t for me, none of my dreams will come true.

Since I’m the one who initiates most of the things, I’m sure I can still do the same without you for I’m one who pursues my dreams no matter how many obstacles I have to face.

It would be great to share this life with someone who will be as excited for my dreams. Who aim to have lots of bad and great moments shared together.

Just don’t make me wait any longer for I might be gone the next moment you woke up.”