Happy 48th, Umi


“May Allah bless you with good health, positive mind & increase wealth in Dunia & Akhirat.”

Thank you for being the one who picked me up when I was down,
who never fail to see my tears
through my smiles,
who is always there in silence
& never walked away,
& reminding me to breathe
whenever im sad.

Without you, I would have died
right in your tummy.
But you sense something ain’t right n
you rushed to the doctors &
indeed they can’t detect my heartbeat.
Nurses had to press your tummy till you feel sooo much pain
just to get my heartbeat.
And finally when they did,
they were relieved and so were you.
You saved my life then.

And at the age of 12,
I remember lying on that couch
tears rolling down my cheeks while my body feels numb and I couldn’t move at all with those fingers n lips turning blue.
My eyes which is still wide open,
won’t forget the way you look terrified n quickly gets help for me.
You were very very anxious that every patient allows me to get in the room first. Maybe because I look scary too with those pale skin n blue lips n fingers..
With a jab using BIG SYRINGE, i was saved.
You saved me again.

And every now & then,
u never failed to remind me
to stop & breathe.
And when I couldn’t,
I remember your face &
I try my best to breathe as slowly as I can. I never wanna make you worry again.

Twice, you saved my life. Without you, I wouldnt be here, I wouldnt be alive. Thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve done for me. Thank you for your understanding. I’m sorry if I hadn’t been the best, and I’m sorry if we argued too much at times. But please know that I’m blessed to have you, whom I call Umi. May Allah keep you safe at all times. Happy belated birthday, Umi.
Loves; Liyana”