Reminiscing My 25 Years of Life… #2 Can I Keep You?

April: Dedication post to myself, #2.
“Can I keep you?…”
Dear Liyana,
Remember how you use to love casper soo much that you’ll keep singing that song after you recite your doa’s before sleeping while imagining someday, your own casper will come and ask you to dance with him? And whispers, “Can I keep you?”…

And how you wished your casper will love you more than you love him,
who would watch over you while you sleep & cuddles up with you,
who would do all the silly things in life together,
who won’t be afraid to cry infront of you,
who would wipe your tears and just hug you when you’re upset,
who would cheer you up in times of sadness,
who would wipe away those bits left from your mouth,
who would look you in the eye every morning and greets you with the warmest smile while gently touching your face with his fingers,
and especially one who would look right deep in your eyes n says, ‘I love you’ everynight before you both goes to sleep.

Do you?
Do you remember how much you have imagined yourself to be love by someone?

I hope you’ve found that ‘casper’. If you hadn’t, fret not, God will lead him to you. Just Believe.

Xoxo; Lia