26 New Things I Did Before I Turned 26…

26 new things I did before i turned 26…
*either coincidental or non-coincidental*

1) Staying with papa, adapting with the 3 musketeers.
*sometimes i wish i cud box them up & send them away when all 3 decide to be very annoying! .. :)*

2) Travel to Malaysia alone on a bus ride atleast 2.5hrs journey time.
*truly enjoy the ‘me’ time looking out at the streets & trees of malaysia*

3) Going to gym with gf.
*had a great time figuring how to use those equipments…*

4) Apologise to someone who I never want to because I wasn’t in the wrong at all.

5) Miss a flight.
(n bought a flt back kl-sin at rm260++.. -_-)

6) Visit late grandpa grave alone. *Yes, A.L.O.N.E. finally i face my fears!*

7) Watch 3d movie in CS, JB.

8) Tutored 2 psle students..
(who passed with flying colours n got in the Norm. Acad stream from P6 foundation stream..)

9) Cooked Nasi Goreng Kicap.

10) Dinner at Hei Sushi with Sis n Abah

11) Taking care of mini supermarket.
*eating n drinking the junk food & just slack away..*

12) Seesha in JB

13) Went to Desaru on a short roadtrip

14) Watch sunrise by the beach! *super awesome*

15) Push a wheelchair auntie at Outram Mrt

16) Celebrate New Year overseas (Batu Pahat)
*Hyperact & Mas Idayu was there!! Awesome new year ever!*

17) Drive a car
(3 rounds around kampung!)

18) Ride a bike (till my niece is afraid to be my pillion again.. ^_^)

19) Take a public transport in JB to my destination instead of cab..
*it feels really good to be feeling local..*

20) 1st time dining at TGI Friday with a whole new group of new friends.

21) Loving myself.
*able to love my short height & petite frame*

22) Accepting myself.
*forgiving the things I’ve done*

23) Breakfast with Nurin, Marsya n mama.

24) Waxing of underarms & legs n braz…
*I’ve always been afraid of this.. coz i thought my skins gonna peel too.. :)*

25) DIY waxing (get all sticky n ummm… i love sticky sticky things.. *_*)

26) Met my long lost cousin after 10 years..
*emotional moment & we’ve been keeping in touch since then*