Reminiscing My 25 Years of Life… #4 – Grandpa

April: Dedication post to myself, #4…

My grandpa, my bf, my travel partner, advisor & confidanté.

Exactly 4 years ago, on this date, 12th April 2010, Allah take you away from me, from us, from everyone. You left us exactly 6 days before my birthday n since then, it has never been the same again. 

You use to be the one reminding tokmak and kak Yaya about my birthday and you would buy crabs n ask them to cook for me. You knew me well, how much I love crabs, how much I love home cook food and how much I love going back to kampung with you.

And not forgetting how much I love getting advises n sarcasms from you.You were always there when I needed a fatherly advice, always there to remind me to be the best I can in life. And though you don’t speak much, every words you say, is gentle and filled with love. But I love your sarcasm most and I miss it badly.

You seem to know when I’m sad, almost all the time and when you do know, you’d touch my head & recite some prayers so that I’d stay calm & back in peace.

You’d always brought home durians from kampung and would call me to come over and eat with everyone else.

I remember how we use to walk hand in hand back to Pontian. You’d stop by every now and then to buy food or snacks for all your grandchildren. You’ll never waste any time doing nothing. You’re either visiting everyone there or going to pasar for tokmak to cook.

You’re full of initiatives. You’ll notice what’s lacking at home and run out to buy it. You love fixing things and you’ll never waste any time chilling at coffee shops.

And most importantly, you help with the laundry, dishes and clean up.

You were the best man I ever knew & I wish the man in my life will have those great qualities like you.

I love you soooo much Tokyah & I miss you soooo much! But I know that you are in a safe place up there. Thank you for all the memories & thank you for being the best grandpa ever.

May Allah protect you & place you amongst orang-orang yang beriman. Amin.