Smile even without teeth!

Smile even without teeth!

I love happy faces and I love smiling to anyone and everyone I see along the way everywhere and anywhere. Be it an old furious looking lady, an old man, a crying little kid, that moody lady, that stuck up guy, that foreign worker by the road side, that maid whose carrying so many bags, anyone! I smile even when I’m down or sad cause the moment there is someone who acknowledges it and smile back, my mood’s been lifted up.

It’s not that kind of smile that shows teeth or one that tries to flirt. It’s that simple smile without showing your teeth is good enough to make someone’s day!

Like for instance today, I smile at a stress looking lady who looks at her phone with so much furious that you can feel the heat almost coming out of her. I was observing her and waited for her to look up. And when she did, I quickly smile. She turned away and ignored. I was alright with those kind of reaction because I’m totally immune to it. I don’t expect any response all the time. I just did what I did because I feel great doing it.

But what this lady did next before getting off, makes me feel appreciated for once. While I look away after being ignored, from the corner of my eyes, I notice that she was looking back at me. To confirm my predictions, I turn back to her and she gave me a warm sweet smile! She looks way beautiful than that serious looking lady I saw just now. I light up and we exchanged one more smile before she alights. I’m glad I made her smile. Hopefully it makes her feel better! Cause she certainly makes my day a great one!

And in the bus, there was this blonde man who looks so down and tired. While waiting for the bus to stop, he looks around the bus. Probably trying to see familiar faces. I was actually admiring at his crisp looking white colour long sleeve business shirt when he look past a glance at me. He was too fast to notice that I actually smiled. But he actually turned back, to smile with that cheerful looking eyes back at me. And I feel so bright and happy to see him getting down smiling all the way too.

My start to Friday has been great so far. So cheer up people! Smile even when you’re sad! Let it go. Instill that positivity in your life now at this second. Just look up and smile!