Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind of a Single Lady

Unlock the mind schmolphin

Unlock the mind schmolphin

I’m glad that I’ve signed up for writing 101 for the first time. Today’s topic is exactly what I have been wanting to write about but has been procrastinating for the past few weeks. Honestly, being single at this age is never easy. The challenges you faced keeps getting tougher each time. But the moment you get through it, you’ll realise how worth it each and every obstacles you’ve overcome. For every little problems faced, actually makes you a better person with great confidence, patience and a better view of life.

I’ve been single since September 2013. Breaking off from a 6 years relationship is never an easy thing to decide on. Everyone makes mistakes. So do I. I wasn’t perfect, neither am I an evil. But see, everyone is not perfect. You find a partner to complement each other for perfection, not to look for perfection in someone to perfect a relationship. You need each other because you simply love each other against all odds and imperfections. And because you both just want the best for each other and the hunger to go through life as a team.

Since then, getting to know more guys isn’t the top of my list. I was too busy in wanting to be a better me for myself and family. However, along the way, I keep meeting new people. Some who would stay and some who would leave in just a matter of time.

I also met a few new guys. But sadly, yes, truly sadly, most of them are either married, engaged or already have a girlfriend who claims to be single. Somehow they still claim to be single even after I’ve found out about their status. I had to go to the extend to reveal their partners name or keep asking until they give up or just ignore as a whole and then they will admit it. It is really sad. And of course, upon knowing the truth, I gently pull myself away. I hate getting close to them not because I hate them but because I respect their wives, fiancée or girlfriend enough to understand their feelings. Even as a friend, I wouldn’t want to. It’s never good to be in touch with someone husbands, fiancé or boyfriends. It’s really not necessary and especially if they message you every day. It’s really annoying. Why do you have a partner if you need to message someone else then? If you need friends, your friends of the same gender are enough to keep you company isn’t it?

And among all those attached, I met only 1 single guy. Things were going great but until the day I shared my dreams that I had the night before and being honest, things starts to fall apart. I thought we could be great friends till we found a new soulmate but I guess things happens for a reason. So let it be. If ever we could be friends again, I’m sure he will appear once again.

Anyway, I know I might lose some friends after writing this up. But seriously I couldn’t care less because what I know is that, I do not do anything to attract these guys. They just appear and want to get to know me more but I have done my best in avoiding them as much as I can, ignoring them whenever I need to, and keeping my distance from them. This is all because of my greatest respect to all women. But if I fail, I’m sorry, maybe I’m fated to be this way…

I hope someday I’ll meet someone single who would want to be a friend of mine sharing my journey and hopefully it’s the same someone who want to share the rest of his life with me.


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