Words. I’m fond of it. Eversince young, I love the idea of being able to express 1 word in many different styles or ways.

Few weeks ago, I came across a small anagram booth over at Orchard Central flea market. The friendly lady mending the booth got my attention by asking me to read a word and another as she turned it around.

And showed a few more till I wonder what my name can be converted into. And it was lovely. She took less than a minute to come out with something. I then gave her 2 words to combine and see what she can come out with. And there was a few choices.

It cost $10 for a pair of keychain with whistle. For a skill I’m lacking in, I find it pretty reasonable plus the patient service rendered makes it all worthwhile.

I finally choose the words below. Let’s see if you can guess what it is. Pretty simple and easy! Go, comment below with your guesses. 😉