People come and go in our lives, especially when it comes to the working world.

Yesterday was the last day for our colleague who had been with the company for 3 years.

It has been our practice to contribute $10 for birthdays or farewells for our colleague as gifts. *Only if you want*

We’ll use the cash to either buy them things they wanted or vouchers as the easiest and safest choice. And usually someone will prepare the card. This time, I was given the honour to do up the farewell card.

Hence, I’ve chosen to diy an accordion album where I can incorporate photos as memoirs with handwritten messages from the contributors.

So here’s the outcome without the complete messages. Pardon the blank spaces ya. It will be great if there’s more photos.

It is such an easy project and I truly enjoy the process. I use drawing block, cardstocks, designed papers, recycled cutout owl from a shopping bag, some leftover strings, tags and stickers. 

There are so many tutorials around the web and you can even youtube to find 1 video that is easy for you to follow.

This accordion album uses is endless! It can be use for family photos, best friends, siblings, anniversary, birthdays, farewells and even displays. So go try one yourself!

Farewell Accordion Album Photos and Messages, Farewell Card
Farewell Accordion Album Photos and Messages