I have never really wished Singapore for a long time. Today is the 52 years since we separate from Malaysia on 9th August 1965. Every year, we would commemorate our Independence day with dance performances from participating schools and activist groups, march and live actions from the various uniform groups, playback of the past and moments that we have gone through this year.

This year’s National Day marks the last time Tony Tan will appear as the 7th President till the next upcoming Presidential Election in September 2017. I wonder who will be up next. This year’s candidates are filled with highly motivated and inspiring leaders. We hope that the next President will be as strong, firm, wise and one who will keep improvise Singapore to be even better and hopefully, lowers the housing price in Singapore.

Anyway, this year’s performance is special with alot of fresh new items and my most favourite part has to be the drone performance. Where it made shapes in the sky. And of course, I always always love the actions from the uniform groups where they marched in and giving respects to the President, the skydive and the SAF planes in action.

Watching from home ‘Live’ is as comfortable as ever although there are a few things I’m not happy about Singapore, there are more things that I am proud of. It’s not easy converting a small mini Island in the globe to become great in many area. But we did it! I hope it will never stop – that Singapore will continue to do its best and will never be complacent. And that we will continue to provide jobs for the citizens and foreigners from all over the world. We hope to help the third world countries to grow and keep growing.

This song is still as meaningful as the first time it plays on air;

“There was a time when people said
that Singapore won’t make it, but we did… but we did..
There was a time when troubles seemed too much
for us to take, but we did… but we did…
We built a nation, strong and free
Reaching out together
For peace and harmony
This is my country, this is my flag
This is my future, this is my life
This is my family, these are my friends
We are Singapore, Singaporeans…
Singapore our homeland, it’s here that we belong,
All of us united, one people marching on
We’ve come so far together, our common destiny
Singapore forever, a nation strong and free…”
Singapore 52nd National Day Drone Performance - Merlion
Singapore 52nd National Day Drone Performance – Merlion

What about you? How or what do you feel about your country?


Lia Schmolphin