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Once again, I have been neglecting this site as I have been busy updating my travel blog to ensure that I’ll keep you guys updated with my upcoming trip. So therefore currently I am super busy with writing and posting my way way long awaited trips in 2014 that is – my 1 month Solo Trip to Sabah.

On top of that, my grandma passed away on the 3rd November, about a month prior to my big day. So I had been going back and forth to the hospital for 2 weeks prior to 3rd November when she was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition where she has to depend on the oxygen yet she did not even opened her eyes for the 2 weeks.

I had to put all of my wedding preparations on hold and it was a tough time for me. Although I am strong enough to let her go, deep in me, I am missing her badly. I miss her smiles, laughter, voice and hugs. I miss her presence.

And last 2 weeks, on Saturday, was my solemnization and wedding reception in 1 day and I have since gone back to work on the following Monday, working from home. I am alright, no worries dear.

So without further ado, here’s the link to my latest travel post.

Freshly posted yesterday. If you’d like to hear my voice, there’s a video here, tweaked the lyrics a little and sang for my readers. =)

Lazy Day at Borneo BeacHouse and Tg. Aru Beach

If you’d like to read on some paranormal stuff, here:

Keningau to KK via Kimanis Route

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Postcard Anyone?

Do you wonder what I did during my first few days of my 1st solo trip? Read this;

Sipitang to Tenom via Beaufort Route

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