Born petite, with a height of 153cm & weight of 35kg at the age of 23 in 2011, Liyana was brought to the world in a country known as ‘Singapore’. She has been moving alot within the country – from the north-west to north to east then central & pretty much both appreciate & depressed at times.

18 April 1988 will always be written as her birth date which she grows to love the numbers alot. Studied & attained ‘O’ levels & Diploma in Business Administration (Accounting & Finance), she ventures into freelance accounting by day, wedding cards & favours by afternoon, event executive by night & weekends, wedding deco on weekends & a secret job on every other day! =)

To stop & breathe, she’d go swimming. To ease her mind & soul, she seeks the beach where the sea comes running & hitting the shores & the wind can just dance on the surface of the Earth. To relax her body, she’ll dance to the beat of the musics played from her own list. No, she’s not a clubber. But a home clubber where she can just dance her heart out! Bowling is what she would do every week if possible. Oh, she just love it. N no, she has never break her bones carrying the bowl.. ^_^

When it comes to love, she’s a fighter. Attached to the same guy for 4 years, her heartfelt deepest love emotion still grow strong for him & only him & can never find another the same ever again.

Neutral yet negative is what she is when it comes to family & friends. She prefers not to be on anyone’s side for she believes in what calls the cause & effect action where certainly 1 party is the fire starter n the other is the diesel that spread the fire instead of stopping it.

All her life, she speaks in her mind. N they’re always debating. The good versus evil, they say. But it’s what that keeps her wiser each time for she thinks n listens to the small voice inside her before taking any actions.

Her main wish is to see HER as a good role model instead of trying to compete & forgetting to treasure the people she has. She was suppose to be the IDOL, but then, she just don’t realise that her actions are killing her loved ones as days passed.

The purpose of this web is mainly to let out her emotions & feelings, sharing of experiences & reviews or whatever she feel necessary. So feel free to come on board & leave your footsteps whenever possible for keepsake! =)

Lia – schmolphin