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DIY Farewell Accordion Photo Album

People come and go in our lives, especially when it comes to the working world. Yesterday was the last day for our colleague who had been with the company for 3 years. It… Continue reading

Diy Party Theme: Pocahontas or Tribal Native American

Looking for inspiration for your party? Here’s 1 for you! Celebrated a friends birthday last year! Got the invitation to a theme party by my best friend, Syahirah for Syahid’s 23rd birthday! Yay!… Continue reading

Lost in ‘Spotlight’

Finally! I have been sooo busy that I kept holding back the thought of going to spotlight. Well, I’m thankful enough for having a course on a Sunday morning, while bf working and… Continue reading

DIY Belt to Headband

I found this lace belt while¬†groping¬†through a bag of clothes in a flea market. Love the whitish lace that portrays classic, pure & sweet. So gotta get it and it cost only $1!… Continue reading

DIY Vest / Refashion Top to Vest

** Pictures are mine, original & uneditted. Except to crop, add margins & combine. ** That olive green used to be a top with some sort of ribbons at the back. But ever… Continue reading

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