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Diy Party Theme: Pocahontas or Tribal Native American

Looking for inspiration for your party? Here’s 1 for you! Celebrated a friends birthday last year! Got the invitation to a theme party by my best friend, Syahirah for Syahid’s 23rd birthday! Yay!… Continue reading

Lost in ‘Spotlight’

Finally! I have been sooo busy that I kept holding back the thought of going to spotlight. Well, I’m thankful enough for having a course on a Sunday morning, while bf working and… Continue reading

DIY Belt to Headband

I found this lace belt while¬†groping¬†through a bag of clothes in a flea market. Love the whitish lace that portrays classic, pure & sweet. So gotta get it and it cost only $1!… Continue reading

DIY Vest / Refashion Top to Vest

** Pictures are mine, original & uneditted. Except to crop, add margins & combine. ** That olive green used to be a top with some sort of ribbons at the back. But ever… Continue reading

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