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All smiles

“All smiles on the outside, Showing how perfect it looks, With no scratches in sight, No one ever knew what’s going on inside. All smiles on the outside, But struggling hard inside, Fighting… Continue reading

Dear friend, Thank you for the friendship.

It’s been a short 39 days of friendship. But it was filled with lots of care, concern and love throughout. There were times I hate it when you would video call me at… Continue reading


April: Dedication post to myself, #4   Didn’t know I love Twisties since young! Still loving it till now, especially cheese and bbq!

When a Girl Gives Up on You, Goodluck!

“A girl usually gives her all for the one she loves. But my advice, never give 100% of your all. Always leave room for hurt so that you’re able to rebounce without falling… Continue reading

Introduction Progress of Angel to Motto

Day 3: Little Angel slept with me!! Yay!! As I woke up at about 9:00 a.m., I found him still sleeping soundly beside me to my right. And as I turn to look… Continue reading

Beautiful Sunset from Johor Bahru on 10 June 2013

I did it again! After my last trip back to kampung (village) in Malaysia from 24 – 26 May 2013, for a weekend family trip to visit relatives, I went again on 7-10… Continue reading

“The Druggie”

Had this for supper on the last week of April at Strictly Pancake outlet at Upper Changi Rd. It was super delicious! We had “The Druggie” which includes pancakes n ice cream! N… Continue reading

Chawanmushi, soba & tempura cheese maki review @Sakae Sushi Sun Plaza

Having being a freelancer, I have lots of time to myself but have yet to figure out a great way to utilise those free days thriftly. So being a sushi lover, especially for… Continue reading

{make it} shrimp sandwich rolls…by Oh Joy! Ummmm…. ain’t it looking yummy??? Wanna have bits of it toOoo but can’t reach for it?? Don’t worry! Now you can! Just click on the link to fly you over to Oh… Continue reading

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