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Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore!

I have never really wished Singapore for a long time. Today is the 52 years since we separate from Malaysia on 9th August 1965. Every year, we would commemorate our Independence day with… Continue reading


Words. I’m fond of it. Eversince young, I love the idea of being able to express 1 word in many different styles or ways. Few weeks ago, I came across a small anagram… Continue reading

Intro to Poetry: Alliteration ~ Face

“Cute charming cuddly cat, lovely looking lost & lonely, brought back blacky black, died due deadly disease, memories made missing much, fly free from fear, rest in peace my dear… -lia schmolphin” “Bob… Continue reading

Travelogue Updates

Hey ya all! Hope all of you are doing great each day! Just pop by to share that recently I have just updated a few travel post over at my travel website. So… Continue reading

Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind of a Single Lady

I’m glad that I’ve signed up for writing 101 for the first time. Today’s topic is exactly what I have been wanting to write about but has been procrastinating for the past few… Continue reading


I love happy faces and I love smiling to anyone and everyone I see along the way everywhere and anywhere. Be it an old furious looking lady, an old man, a crying little… Continue reading

Dream Catcher

“Our eyes & mind is like a Dream catcher, allowing happy moments to pass thru every holes, & preventing every bad dreams from getting out, leaving a scar mentally or physically in the… Continue reading

Reminiscing My 25 Years of Life… #4 – Grandpa

April: Dedication post to myself, #4… My grandpa, my bf, my travel partner, advisor & confidanté. Exactly 4 years ago, on this date, 12th April 2010, Allah take you away from me, from… Continue reading

26 New Things I Did Before I Turned 26…

26 new things I did before i turned 26… *either coincidental or non-coincidental* 1) Staying with papa, adapting with the 3 musketeers. *sometimes i wish i cud box them up & send them… Continue reading

Reminiscing My 25 Years of Life… #3 (follow up to post #2) Remember Me This Way…

April: Dedication post to myself, #3 (f/up to #2) – all time favourite soundtrack song which i have to sing when i go karoke.. 🙂 Hope u guys love this too! “Every now… Continue reading

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