Reminiscing My 25 Years of Life… #2 Can I Keep You?

April: Dedication post to myself, #2. “Can I keep you?…” Dear Liyana, Remember how you use to love casper soo much that you’ll keep singing that song after you recite your doa’s before… Continue reading

Reminiscing My 25 Years of Life… #1

Here’s my 1st post to reminisce my growing years, a dedication to myself as a reminder of my life so that I’ll always stay humble and rooted down back to Earth. -Lia

Happy 48th, Umi

“May Allah bless you with good health, positive mind & increase wealth in Dunia & Akhirat.” Thank you for being the one who picked me up when I was down, who never fail… Continue reading

When a Girl Gives Up on You, Goodluck!

“A girl usually gives her all for the one she loves. But my advice, never give 100% of your all. Always leave room for hurt so that you’re able to rebounce without falling… Continue reading

My Hearts Broken not Because of Him

I wasn’t in love with him any more. I hadn’t been in love with him for a long time. I was in love with not being on my own, with having someone there… Continue reading


Finally get to snap a picture of Angel meowing right after he woke up. This is what he do everyday. Right after he woke up, he’ll come looking for me or bf. This… Continue reading

Someone You Love

Finally my cat & kitten gets along!

Remember those introduction moment where Motto was a little hostile towards our new kitten, Angel? Finally, after a few weeks, they played along! Running around the house laps after laps, licking and biting… Continue reading

Don’t make me wait…

“If ever you came by and I’m not there, Know that I’ve left you behind for good. Not for someone nor for something. It’s for me and my dreams. Yeah, my dream was… Continue reading

Introduction Progress of Angel to Motto

Day 3: Little Angel slept with me!! Yay!! As I woke up at about 9:00 a.m., I found him still sleeping soundly beside me to my right. And as I turn to look… Continue reading

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