Adopted 2 month old kitten, Angel on 20th July 2013

On  8 Dec 2011, we adopted Motto a female cat of about 1 year old. Our first love, first cat and first fighter. Then on 20 July 2013, we’ve adopted Angel, male, we… Continue reading

Beautiful Sunset from Johor Bahru on 10 June 2013

I did it again! After my last trip back to kampung (village) in Malaysia from 24 – 26 May 2013, for a weekend family trip to visit relatives, I went again on 7-10… Continue reading

It’s Just Haze…

“Take everyday as it is, Don’t react but respond to it. Coz what happens today, Might just be a coincidence. It’s just haze now, Not flood. Yes, haze may cause minimal health issues.… Continue reading

Cat Cat Cutie Cat

Finally I made it to my relative’s house in Pontian Kechil, Johor Bahru, Malaysia on 24 – 26 May 2013 with my bf, mum and sis. I’m glad we made it! I’ve missed… Continue reading

Langkawi River Safari Mangrove Tour

Just last year June 2012, I went for a 6D5N holiday to Langkawi via AirAsia. Come hop on to my travelogue blog over at to know more about my trip and view… Continue reading

Dazzling Rainbow on 27 May 2013

It was a great Monday and my bf’s cousin had invited us to come along to Johor to shop for their normal household items. Since I’m on off and I needed mine too,… Continue reading

Jaded January 2013

2012 left me with so much unfinished business and I had hoped that 2013 will be a year where I can start to pick up the pieces again. But right in January alone,… Continue reading


I’m sure the above title sounds familiar to each and everyone of you. If you are thinking about engineering mathematics, no it’s not. It’s about the basic skills, the second thing you learn… Continue reading

Motto & Domo

Was about to leave home and as usual, I’ll make sure that Motto is safe at her place and her bowl is filled with food and water. Then, wondering why she had not… Continue reading

“The Druggie”

Had this for supper on the last week of April at Strictly Pancake outlet at Upper Changi Rd. It was super delicious! We had “The Druggie” which includes pancakes n ice cream! N… Continue reading

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