My Little Motto

“Hey! Don’t take my cheese away!” Isn’t she’s cute?? I really love this cat, my first cat ever owned for the first time since 24 years! Adopted her in last October 2011 and… Continue reading

Motto’s new bed

I have always wanted to buy my dearest kitty, Motto a bed or resting place like that but I couldn’t find it anywhere until last Saturday, 4/8/12, when I went to Great World… Continue reading

Cranberries coming to Singapore!!!

Chawanmushi, soba & tempura cheese maki review @Sakae Sushi Sun Plaza

Having being a freelancer, I have lots of time to myself but have yet to figure out a great way to utilise those free days thriftly. So being a sushi lover, especially for… Continue reading

Diy Party Theme: Pocahontas or Tribal Native American

Looking for inspiration for your party? Here’s 1 for you! Celebrated a friends birthday last year! Got the invitation to a theme party by my best friend, Syahirah for Syahid’s 23rd birthday! Yay!… Continue reading

Lost in ‘Spotlight’

Finally! I have been sooo busy that I kept holding back the thought of going to spotlight. Well, I’m thankful enough for having a course on a Sunday morning, while bf working and… Continue reading

DIY Belt to Headband

I found this lace belt while¬†groping¬†through a bag of clothes in a flea market. Love the whitish lace that portrays classic, pure & sweet. So gotta get it and it cost only $1!… Continue reading

DIY Vest / Refashion Top to Vest

** Pictures are mine, original & uneditted. Except to crop, add margins & combine. ** That olive green used to be a top with some sort of ribbons at the back. But ever… Continue reading

Singaporeans, Please Be Grateful

Singaporeans NEED to stop blaming the ceo or anyone for the breakdown of the MRT or over anything! Seriously, MRT is a technology & technologies tends to breakdown at times despite countless checkings… Continue reading

When I was 17… (inspired by MTV When I was 17)

Blog inspired by MTV show, “When I was 17” for celebrities flashbacks… Here’s a link to the show. When I was 17 in 2005, in the 1st quarter of the year, I was… Continue reading

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